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  • *It can protect your body from acid rain, salt spray corrosion, rust, oil stains, sap, bird droppings, insects, some scratches, bird droppings, corrosive traffic film, tar and harmful UV rays.

  • *Avoid car scratches and make the car brighter and newer.

  • *Protect your car from aging, fading, weather and sun erosion, acid rain, industrial powders, etc.

  • *Waterproof and anti-static.

  • *After using the liquid ceramics of the car, a layer of crystals, such as a mirror, will be formed on the surface of the car to form a mirror full reflection effect, making it bright twice.

  • *Scope of application: for cars, electric cars, motorcycles, etc. All car lights renovation and new car lights protection


  • Product capacity: 10ml/30ml

  • Type: Car liquid ceramic coat

  • Material: resin,solvent

  • Hardness: 9H hardness

Package Included:

1 Bottle Headlight Repair Agent


1 Bottle Headlight Repair Agent + 1*Polished Sponge + 1*Cloth

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