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Air-conditioned clothing - excellent product for outdoor workers

If you're like me, just reading a book makes you sweat bullets in any room above 70 degrees F. If you don't happen to have control of the air-conditioning at your place of work, or it's just an extra-hot day out, one of these unique air-conditioned jacket might be your best friend. We make clothing that features integrated fans to help you keep extra cool on the job or outdoors.

How is the air-conditioned shirt powered?

Just connect the charging treasure or the laptop or mobile phone charger! (Built-in treasure bag with built-in charge)


These jackets are made from nylon, and comes in a few different sizes to choose from. The fans are fully removable to easily wash the clothing when needed, and each clothing purchase comes with 1 cord, 1 charger and 2 fans that get installed into pre-made holes in the clothing;

Wind speed adjustable at 3 speeds;

Ultra-thin, anti-wrinkle, breathable and waterproof fabric;



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